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Brokers:Connecticut continuing education (CE) real estate courses:

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Salespersons:Connecticut continuing education (CE) real estate courses:

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Connecticut real estate license exam preparation:

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Background Information:
Continuing Education Deadline: 3/31 every even-numbered year for Brokers; 5/31 every even-numbered year for Salespersons
Hours Required By The State: 12 hours
     - 3 mandatory hours
     - 9 elective hours

Seat Time: For the mandatory course, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection requires that all students spend a minimum amount of seat time engaged in the course content. Our online course delivery system manages this requirement for you. For all elective courses, seat time is not enforced.

Reporting: Real Estate course completions are reported to PSI as required by the Department of Consumer Protection in Connecticut within five to seven days from the course completion date. Course completions will be reported within this time frame.

Certificates: Upon completion of the course, All State Academy will provide students with an electronic certificate of completion. Certificates will remain in our records for a minimum of five years, should you need additional copies. Please refer to your license renewal application to determine if you need to submit your Certificate of Completion with your license renewal request.

All State Academy Recommendations:
Take the mandatory 3 hour Fair Housing course.

For best pricing:
Take the 6 hour "Buyer Representation in Real Estate" course and the 3 hour "Understanding Credit and Improving Credit Scores" course to complete the 12 hours of continuing education. This will allow you to complete your requirements for below $65, which is the most competitive pricing available in all of Connecticut.
Note: If you are a part of your local NAR board, you may be required to take our "Everyday Ethics in Real Estate" course. Please check with your local NAR board.

Links to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP):
    Real Estate Broker and Salesperson Renewal
    Real Estate Education and Exam Information
    2018 Continuing Education (CE) Requirements
    License Lookup
    eLicense Online Renewal Website
    Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)

State Address and Contact Information:
Department of Consumer Protection
License Services Division
450 Columbus Boulevard, Ste. 801
Hartford, CT 06103

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